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Facilitating Collaborative Divorce

We at Rojas Family Law, Inc. are experienced collaborative professionals. Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial process that reduces animosity and improves the likelihood that you and your spouse will maintain an amicable relationship even after divorce.  Choose Rojas Family Law, Inc. to help with collaborative divorce if some or all of the following apply to you:

  • You and your spouse have children that you will continue to co-parent
  • You and your spouse want to maintain a level of respect through the divorce process
  • You and your spouse want to work cooperatively to divide assets and debts cost-efficiently
  • You and your spouse have mutual friends in common and wish to remain amicable in social settings after the divorce
  • You and your spouse want to resolve your divorce issues without having to appear in court
  • You and your spouse want to remain friends long after the divorce and want to avoid pointing fingers or placing blame

Contact Us To Learn More About This Process

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